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Olympic Games Athens
Olympic Games are staged every four years. The Athens Games of 1906 are therefore not considered "official" Olympic Games. The Games in Athens, however restored the fate and hope in the modern Olympic Games. Twenty nations competed with national sanctioned delegations bringing a total number of 884 competitors to Athens and the Panathenean Stadium. The "inserted" Games, as they are named in many publications, were well respected by both spectators and participants and helped the modern Olympic to survive in its endeavor to develop the Olympic Games into an international respected sport event.Tug of war sport featured in Athens for the third time on the Olympic program. This time the participating tug of war teams competed in the regular eight persons per team configuration. Germany and the host country Greece participated for the first time in the Olympic tug of war event. Being new in the international tug of war sport did not stop them to compete for the top. The German team winning the gold, leaving the silver for Greece. Sweden, after winning the gold medal in the Paris Games in 1900,  had to be content with the bronze medal.
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